Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

Title: Tempest Rising

Author: Tracy Deebs

Genera: Supernatural/paranormal/fantasy

Subjects: Mermaids, selkies, magic, family, romance

Length: 341 pages, Hardcover

Rating: ê ê ê ê ê

Tempest Maguire is half mermaid. Her mother left her and her brothers six years ago with the promise that she would return. With her 17th birthday approaching, Tempest is going to have to go though all her mermaid changes by herself. Tempest loves to surf, but she is afraid of losing herself to the sea once the mermaid changes begin. Some of the changes are already beginning. Suddenly she has gills. She sees a stranger surfing during a storm. He comes ashore and introduces himself a Kona. Who is Kona? And will Tempest be able to decide between the land and the sea?

This is probably one of the best Mermaid books I have ever read. Emily Windsnap was cutesy and I love Forgive my Fins, but this one had so much to it. I’ve read a few books that had selkies, and I think it’s pretty cool that mermaid and selkies are co-existing in the ocean, not just two words for the same being.

Tempest seemed like a strong female character. I love is when the main character is sarcastic. Makes the book fun to read. Kona is very hot, and also acted sarcastic at times. I love it when the characters do funny, feisty banter. I didn’t like Tempest’s on/off boyfriend Mark so much because he seemed possessive. In a protective sort of way, but still. Tempest’s little brother were okay. Rio didn’t do much, but little Moku looked up to Tempest.

I was surprised how good this book was. The cover does not do it justice.

Art Review: This cover’s jacket is matte. The art on it does not look very contemporary YA. It looks more like an adult paperback romance from the late 80’s. Maybe it’s the title’s text. The girl on the cover is okay, especially the awesome tattoo, but the background could have used more “ouff.” Like a real tempest brewing. Waves hitting rocks, and lightning flashing. That’s what I would’ve done.

~Haley G


  1. Oh my... As if I needed encouragement to feed my selkie obsesssion! =)

    Thanks so much for this review. I'm really interested in the topic and on the hunt for new, good titles, so this one is goins traight to my TBR pile!


  2. Beautiful blog! I'm your new follower, I found you on book blogs. Nice review! I'm an audiobook junkie and listened to this book a few moths ago, I wonder is the narrator ruined it for me, I was jus meh! about it, maybe I shoud give it a shot and read.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Lup is right. Great job on the blog, it's gorgeous. Good review as well. I love characters who have a bit of snark to their character. Too much sweetness can make you nauseous. New GFC follower. I'll be visiting.