Friday, July 29, 2011

Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke

Title: Flying Blind

Author: Deborah Cooke (aka Claire Delacroix)

Series: The Dragon Diaries

Genera: Fantasy/supernatural/paranormal romance

Subjects: Dragons, psychics, destiny, shape shifters, magic, mages

Length: 309 pgs. Paperback

Rating: êêê

Zoë is supposed to be the Wyvern of the dragon shape shifters called the Pyr. The Wyvern is the only female Pyr. There is only ever one at a time. She is supposed to have special abilities, and Zoë, whose 15 and a half, has been waiting for her powers to appear. When her friend, Meagan, gets bullied after gym, Zoë steps into defend her, accidentally almost shifting partially. Her talons and eyes only, but still, she has broken the covenant to keep shifters secret. Her Dad sends her to boot camp so she can learn to gain control of her now appearing powers.

This book looked really interesting. I just was confused when reading it. I read Firelight by Sophie Jordan last year and though the whole dragon shape shifter thing sounded cool so I checked this book out. I did think that it was cool that Zoë lived in Chicago (Because I live near it) and that she has a great sense of humor. I also liked the lists in the book. “5 things” list that gave interesting info about Pyr and Mages. There was also the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. I’ve read many book where characters have affinities for elements. The descriptions in this book were good. Dragon scales were gem and metal colored.

This book felt like it was lacking a few things. Either the guys didn’t feel hot enough, or they just didn’t seem to play a big role. There just wasn’t much romance. I can’t even remember Nick or Jared hair color, only that Jared had the greenest eyes. I guess I couldn’t get into the book because the whole dragon thing was a bit confusing. And what is a messenger? A cell phone or mp3 player? I was confused.

Art Review: I like the cover, but I think it could used a bigger dragon on it. I almost thought it was an angel book when I saw Flying Blind, but then saw The Dragon Diaries in the top corner. So, I guess Zoë probably has green eyes and dark hair based off the cover. The blue stuff around her is light that surrounds Pyr when they shift. The cover works. Nice texture too.

~Haley G

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