Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Requiems for Borders

Borders, my favorite store is dying. Going out of business. Leaving the face of the Earth. Once they’re gone, I’ll have to buy books at Barnes & Noble, Wal-mart, Target, Meijer, Anderson’s book shop….some place else. Since I do not have a job that makes money, my dad won’t let my buy stuff online (except textbooks). I a very sad. Depressed, even. I only found out last night. The Wheaton Borders was remodeling….and it was all for nothing. I just got Borders Rewards plus almost 2 months ago, and haven’t even got my free book yet (I was waiting for Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer to come out) or used the other coupons. I don’t know what to do. Maybe thing will stop me from buying so many books. But really, is everything in the store comes down to 70%-90% off, I’ll have 3 bags full. I should just buy my favorite series for now on, but I still keep buying books at Goodwill. I’m running out of shelf space. Well, here is an article that you all should read:

~Haley G

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  1. In Canada, we used to have W.H. Smith and Coles (source of that sudent staple, Cole's Notes). They got swallowed up by the beast that is Chapters Indigo (they used to be separate stores as well). You can still find the odd Cole's, but it's in name only.