Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Title: Blood Red Road

Author: Moira Young

Series: Dustlands

Genera: Sci-fi dystopia

Subjects: Kidnapping, Hand-to-Hand fighting, Brothers and sisters, Twins, Coming of age, Orphans

Length: 459 pgs

Rating: ê ê ê

After a dust storm, men know as Tonton show up in Silver lake and kidnap Saba’s twin brother Lugh, and kill her dad. Saba must save Lugh, so she and her sister Emmi leave Silverlake and set out on a journey across Sandsea to a place called Hopetown. Saba doesn’t realize just how much danger lies ahead, and how much danger Lugh is in. Saba’s not such a nice girl, and is real mean to her sister, especially after Emmi ends up following her rather than staying with Mercy for Crosscreek.

This book was different. Bad different. There are now quotation marks for the dialog, so I was never exactly sure what was being said out loud unless followed by I say or something. Even worse, it was written (all of it, cuz it‘s in 1st person) in a very southern/western dialect. I thought I was reading True Grit (I only saw the new movie) when I started it. I wish I listen to the audio book instead. It was all ain’t and caint and git…..Oh, and the chapter….there are no chapters. They’re more like parts. One is about 30 pages, another is over 100 pages. I prefer the James Patterson like short chapters, so the length of these made in not very fast pased for me.

The few things I did like about this book? One, Nero the crow! What a great companion Saba has. Crows are smart, but Nero acts like he’s at least 2% human (at least….Maximum Ride reference)…or like he’s got the brain of a 6-8 year old child. Very smart for a bird. (Smarter than my budgie). Two, I like the humor. It was pretty funny at times, even with the westernish talk. Three, I like the desterty dystopia feel.

Well, I do recommend this to people I they liked Hunger Games, Enclave, or Maze Runner. And, if you don’t mind books out of the normal form.

~Haley G

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