Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Undead with Benefits by Jeff Hart

Series: Eat, Brains, Love (bk. 2)

Genera(s): Paranormal Romance/Dystopian/ Horror/Humor

Subjects: zombies, cannibalism, psychic ability, psychics, telepathy, government conspiracies, government officials, love, fugitives

Setting: Starts out in Illinois and then they have to figure out how to get to Iowa. Mostly set in Des Moines, Iowa

POV/Tense: 1st person POV, past tense, rotating between Jake and Cass

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 406 pgs.

HC/PB: Paperback

List Price: $9.99

Publisher: HarperTeen

Summary/ product description: “The living dead are living it up in this hilarious and surprisingly romantic sequel to Eat, Brains, Love, which Kirkus Reviews called “one hell of a road trip...funny, gross, and scary in equal, alternating measures."

Jake and Amanda are in love, on the run—and undead. They've teamed up with Cass, who’s ditched her former job as shady government psychic zombie-tracker, and they're headed across the border into Iowa, where there’s rumored to be a zombie cure.

Armed with a trunk full of guinea pigs (aka zombie snacks), they're ready to take on the Midwest’s first undead warlord, the psycho psychic out for their blood, and their own superawkward love triangle. But the virus is spreading faster than you can say "zombie apocalypse," and Jake, Amanda, and Cass have to find the cure—if it even exists—before the whole state of Iowa goes up in flames.

With its heartwarming blend of guts, romance, and spot-on teen humor, this road trip–ready paperback original is perfect for fans of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Readers will devour Jeff Hart's fresh, funny, and irreverent take on love and life (well, unlife) in an eat-or-be-eaten world.”

My Review:  When I read the first book, Eat, Brains, Love, I was not expecting a sequel. It seemed like a standalone until near the end. I am really happy that there is a sequel and Undead With Benefits is a very good one. It continuous this hilarious zombie story and takes us to the state of Iowa. It’s such a unique take on zombies. The zombies turn normal after they eat flesh and back into zombies when they are hungry. It’s like werewolves, but were-zombies.

Jake, Amanda and Cass are on the hunt for the cure to being a zombie. They have a lead that it’s in Des Moines. Once in Iowa things get rough. It’s pretty much a post-apocalyptic environment with all the body parts lying around and ghouls looking for food. Jake joked about the Midwest along the way and all that corn. He never expected Iowa to be so gruesome.

I love the twisted humor and the characters. Jake is a gamer like my brother, except Jake was a pot head. He’s lazy and nerdy and still sometimes act like his zombie life is a video game. He still can’t believe that Amanda likes him. The books start out with him and Amanda having sex and he calls it Jake Day. This book is pretty much a goofy comedy. I really wish this was a movie because it would be so fun and hilarious to see. Except for all the gory stuff.

Also, I like that the story includes a psychic as a main character. Cass can read mind and control people and dream walk. She worked for a government agency that tracked down zombie outbreaks and contained them. She joins up with Amanda and Jake; helps then steal some useful stuff before going into Iowa. Jake makes a gamer friend. Reggie is African American and has a place where he plays video games and hangs out. Reggie’s got a bit of an alter ego too. He and Jake become friends, and they get stoned with Jake’s pot. It’s weird guy bonding.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy anything zombie, especially funny zombie movies, like Zombieland, Warm Bodies, and Shawn of the Dead.

Cover Art Review: The title is made with food and on what looks like the hood of a silver car. Really creative and gross. The perfect cover for this funny zombie story.

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