Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giveaway is canceled.... :(

I couldn't get enough entries.
I don't have enough follows.
The book releases Sept 27.
I have no idea how to pick a random winner (and started thinking that I would pick the person that lives closest to Chicago).
Postal shipping cost more than $5
How do you do give aways if you don't have money to pay for shipping?
My dad sure won't pay it. Sorry. I should probobly wait till my blog is big enough to do giveaways.
Please comment this post with advice on how to do do giveaways without having all these problems.
I am very new at the blog stuff (but not new a reviewing book.)
I wish I could give my book to some one who wants  it. I have my own copy, so this one's an extra. I wish it didn't cost so much for shipping. I'm supposed to be making money, not throwing it away (quoting my money obsessed dad. I need a real job, he says)
This atemp has been a sad, sad failure. I am sorry if I got your hopes up. Thanks for the follow anyways. I will continue doing my reviews and probably skip giveaways for now.

UPDATE: I found someone I actually know to give it to. (She didn't get a copy because she didn't go to the pre pub event like I did) I gave it to her dad and brother last night, so I don't have an extra copy anymore. Sorry, people! If ya wanna read it, it comes out Sept 27 in hardcover.
~Haley G


  1. Aw. Well, the author is actually coming to my city next month, so I might be able to pick up my own copy before then or at the signing.

    Thanks for trying though! :) I will keep following you. Really appreciate the chance anyway.

  2. Its okay, You know running a book giveaway is not easy specially if its coming from your own pocket, People should understand that. And things happens. Dont worry just continue your blogging about books. :) There would be a time an author would ask you to host a giveaway for her/him in your blog so youll get there. :)


  3. Awww, I'm sorry to hear this!

    I'm not sure I should be pointing this out, as I'm fairly new myself, but well, I loved it when someone welcomed me to the world of blogging with some encouragement and a word or two of advice, so here goes:

    To increase your entries, specially while you're still a small blog, perhaps you should wait and join one of the popular giveaway hops: they will drive traffic to your site, and increase your followers at the same time!

    The random winner can be taken care of through a site like you can get the site to give you a random number between one and your number of contestants (you can input that infor!), and then you chose the entry which number matches the one given by Random.

    Shipping, unfortunately, is expensive and when you giveaway your own books, there's no way to get around that. IF you insist on using the mail system, that is. Why don't you try to do an e-book giveaway? Many new, independent authors are willing to supply a copy of their book, so try approaching someone who writes your genre and see if they wouldn't be interesting in taking part. Even if you find no volunteer, you can buy and send almost any e-book, internationally, for 7 bucks or less.

    I hope you found something useful in there :) The bottom line, though, is to enjoy what you're doing. Read books, review them, take part in blog hops leaving comments... And don't worry about the giveaways. There's more to blogging than that! And it'll come to a point, if you keep up the good work, when it'll be much easier to have someone else providing the books and postage for the giveaway.

    Cheers, and good luck!

    Ron @ Stories of my life