Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dark Days of Summer Tour 5-10-2014

Yesterday I went to the DarkDays event in Naperville, IL at Anderson's Bookshop. I  was so happy that they came here to Illinois. Last year Kiera Cass came with 3 other authors. This year it was Kiera Cass, Danielle Paige, Kimberly Derting, and Kelley Armstrong. The event was crowded and we had to sit on the floor. I had #8 in the signing line, thankfully. The event started off with the authors taking photos of us with their start phones

The we got to the questions.

Kiera borrowed a girl's sunglasses.

I gave Danielle Paige her 1st fan art ever!

The I gave Kiera a painting of The One cover that I made.

I got some swag.

I also got my books signed

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  1. Very cool! I go to a lot of Anderson's events but couldn't make this one. Kelley Armstrong is such a big name--she's been writing paranormal for so long (outside the teen market). I really need to check out her YA.