Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Endless by Kate Brian

Series: Shadowlands (bk. 3)

Genera(s): Paranormal Romance/Mystery

Subjects: afterlife, death, horror, immortality, islands, limbo, love, supernatural

Setting: Juniper Landing, an island supposedly off the coast of South Carolina, but actually is an afterlife like Limbo

POV/Tense: 1st person POV, past tense: Rory Miller/Thayer, and interludes from the person responsible for people being sent to the Shadowlands

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 324 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover 

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: Hyperion & Alloy Entertainment

Summary/ product description: “An unthinkable betrayal threatens everyone Rory loves in the third installment of our dark, thrilling Shadowlands series from New York Times best-selling author Kate Brian.

Rory Miller didn't just fall in love with Tristan Parrish. She fell in love with the idea of forever. He was the one who told her the truth about her existence in Juniper Landing: that her mortal life is over, and she will now spend eternity on the island, helping others in limbo move on.

But like Juniper Landing, a bright island with dark secrets, Tristan is too good to be true. The mysterious, heartbreakingly beautiful boy Rory thought she knew is responsible for unthinkable evil-sending good souls to the Shadowlands in order to get himself a second chance at life on Earth. He has already claimed Rory's friend Aaron and her own father. She will do anything to save her family, even if it means going to hell and back.”

My Review:  The final book in the Shadowlands trilogy, Endless is an exciting and mysterious read. I didn’t really suspect how it would end. This is the kind of series in which you just have to go with it and enjoy it along the way. It’s not boring or slow. It’s sometimes creepy, but I loved the atmosphere of it. It’s a good series, and I’m assuming it’s over, unless the author does decide to make another book in this world.

My favorite part of this series has been the world building and the setting. We found out at the beginning of Hereafter that Juniper Landing is an island afterlife. It’s a kind of limbo for souls to make peace and move on. In this book Juniper Landing’s weather is chaotic and hurricane-like. It’s raining and foggy and the wind is always blowing toward the south when even a soul crosses the bridge.

People are still being sent to the Shadowlands instead of the light. Rory and the other Lifers believe Tristan is responsible for the imbalance, and that he contaminated the coins that are given to the Lifer to help souls cross over. Lifers are the people that stay on Juniper Landing to usher souls instead moving on themselves. The ferry to the island is destroyed and the new visitors a freaked out and suspicious that the island has no cell service and the injured can’t be hospitalized.

There’s a lifeguard named Liam who was on the ferry and he saves some kids. There are creepy blond twins that are especially suspicious. Rory is starting to develop a relationship with Joaquin and they even kiss. Without spoiling the plot, all I can say is I enjoyed this ending. I did not suspect who was causing people to go into the Shadowlands. I liked the characters still, and the romance. If you have not read the Shadowlands trilogy, then you should. It’s very difference from anything I’ve read. If you like books about the afterlife, like Alyson Noel’s books, The Immortals and the Riley Bloom series, then you’ll enjoy this.

Cover Art Review: Love the cover even if the girl on the front looks like Rory’s sister Darcy and not Rory herself. The sunset seascape and the crow are cool and creepy.

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