Friday, August 16, 2013

Today is my 21st Birthday!

I can hardly believe that I'm 21 today. It's so weird. I feel so old...but not really. I feel 16 still. I'm going to have to say 21 when some one asks my age, but will probably forget I'm 21. It's so odd.
So, you guys know what 21 means? Well, I don't care what it means. I'm not doing it. I'll still get my horizontal drivers license, but no way am I buying or consuming alcohol, or gambling. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket once, just because, but that's it.
So, what did I get for my 21st birthday? I got a MacBook Pro. I badly needed an upgrade, but have waiting years because anything Apple is so expensive. And Apples are what graphic designer mainly use and I'm a graphic design major who's been using Windows all her life. So I finely got a Mac and it's kind of weird. Some things weren't compatible and I have to buy accessories and programs just to get it to work. I had to by a disc drive, since the computer didn't have one in it. A hub I could have more USB slots. And Microsoft Office for Mac because that's very necessary for school. And of course I already have my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
I also got a new phone. A touch screen TracFone. The touch screen is surprisingly difficult to get used to. Wish I'd got the blackberry-like one instead. But I got a 4gig micro-SD so I can use it to play music. It only takes mp3 so I had convert a lot of my iTunes. And of course it wouldn't be an awesome birthday if I didn't buy books.
What  am I doing (or already did) for my birthday? Well on Wednesday I went to se Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. (I also had an interview for an on campus job that morning and got hired! How awesome is that?) And later on I watched TeaTime with EpicReads and got to use my webcam on spree cast. I was on camera, and told them what I was reading and they wished me a happy birthday!!! That was so cool.
Yesterday I went shopping and got a pair of jegging (jeans-leggings). Today we're ordering Chinese food for dinner. I love anything spicy, especially Mongolian Beef, or Szchehaun Chicken. Tommorrow we were planning on going to some state parks. Maybe Mazonia or Kankakee. Maybe we'll just drive on Route 66 instead. Sunday grandma is gonna come over and we'll eat the carmel frosted cake I picked out.
Today is also my brother's last day of work for the summer, and he's going to UIC in a week and a half.   and living on campus. It'll be weird without him here.

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