Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cover Love: Ignite Me

So last Thursday the cover for Shatter Me book 3 was revealed. Alot of people guessed Ignite Me and were right. Who care if Ignite is only 6, not 7 letters like Shatter and Unravel? As long as it sounds cool and ends with a Me.
I love this cover. I wish the eye was made of fire, but I like the plants too. I love the colors. My biggest complaint is that this cover is not different enough from the Shatter Me paperback. It's the same eye. Did the designer get lazy and didin't feel like getting another eye photo. See? SAME EYE. Different eyelashes. You know what the cover make me think of? Tahereh said that she wrote a book (that shall never see daylight) about a girl with magic eyelashes.

So, as you can see, the Ignite me cover uses the Shatter me cover, minus the tree layers, and waterfall. Same clouds too. Has anyone else noticed this?

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