Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cover Love: Altered

So, yesterday, this happened. Altered, sequel to Crewel, had its cover revealed. It's very different from the 1st book's cover, and we've yet to see if the paperback of Crewel will get a new cover. This cover definately say "dystopian" or "sci-fi" or "futurist" more than the cover of Crewel. I still feel this is less unique than Crewels cover, but I love this never cover.
Typography: I like the title's type treatment. The A that's missing it's crossbar is used alot in sci-fi titles, but that R with it's leg cutting into the opening add uniqness. I can asume that the typeface used for the author's name is the same one as the title. The pink contrasts well with the background.
Illustration: The hourglass represents time running out, or maybe just time. It's a nice water photograph. I like that it's blue. The girl makes me think of the Under The Never Sky cover. This book will probably end up being similar to that series. The city in ruins does scream dystopian, but it's nicely faded into the hourglass. This it a really simple photoshop illustration, but it's creative because the hourglass. (Honestly, if I had the photos, I could have easily made this in less than an hour)
I really hope that the cover is matte metallic like the 1st book's. And I hope the title is embossed and silver with gloss. This would look awesome if it was shiney.

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