Sunday, September 14, 2014

In My Mailbox 9-14-2014

I recently won yet another ARC of The Jewel. Since I'm going to the YA Conference I'll probably trade it with someone there for another book.

I have ordered some books through B&N:

I also bought some books at Meijer:

I found these at Savers when they had their 50% off book sale:

One was signed and had a book mark! I met the author at the YA Lit Conference last year, so maybe that's were it's from! 

These I got at Goodwill, except Deadly Cool that I got at the library's book sale:

And these I checked out at the library:

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  1. You obtained great books! I really want Ghost House, though! I suggest you should try THE LIAR SOCIETY, it's a really awesome book. I loved it!

    Plus hey, if you'd like to win signed bookmarks and book pins, you can still join my giveaway: