Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies

Series: A Beautiful Dark (bk. 2)

Genera: Paranormal Romance

Subjects: Angels, supernatural, good vs. evil, Colorado, winter, destiny, fate vs. freewill

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 337 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: HarperTeen

Summary/ product description: “When she wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, Skye knows something terrible has happened to her. It's not until she hears Asher, the dark, rebellious angel she fell in love with, that the memories come flooding back. She tries to put the past behind her, but she knows she'll be forever haunted by the ruthless betrayal that almost took her life.
Skye returns home, but with the knowledge of who she really is, nothing can ever be the same. As she tests the limits of her newfound powers, Skye discovers that she's capable of far more than anyone could have imagined. Both the Order and the Rebellion want her for their side as war between the factions looms. She can't forget the terrifying truth she now knows about the Order, but something holds her back from embracing the Rebellion.
A Fractured Light picks up right after A Beautiful Dark's shocking cliffhanger ending and is perfect for fans of Lauren Kate's Fallen and Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush saga.”

My Rating: êêêêê

My Review: Awesome sequel. Very good. Romantic and amazing. I said that I loved A Beautiful Dark because it had angels and was set in Colorado. Still true. I love the setting and the paranormal subject. Unearthly is very similar in that it’s about angels (angel bloods) and is set in a beautiful, mountainous area. River Springs may not be a real city, but it was based off the Boulder area, which I’ve been too and loved. There’s skiing! I never been skiing. This book makes me want to try skiing.

And I love the unique take on the angel mythology. It makes the angels you usually think as being good, look bad. And the Rebels look good. But I agree there has to be a balance between fate and freewill/control and chaos.

Asher, charming as ever. I love him! He reminds me of Patch. He’s not really all bad-boy, but really, he’s just awesome. I feel so sorry for Devin! He’s being controlled by the order. And there’s still Ian, who may eventually stand a chance. We find out something about him at the end. Really, the end was kind of crazy.

I love the humorous dialogue between Skye, Cassie and Dan. Cassie acting all invalid-like and dramatic. Really, there’s an awesome friendship here! Even if they were mad at her for being away. And Skye has a lot going on, but can’t tell them. She actually discovers some important things about herself, and develops her abilities further. I really think the weather control stuff is cool. All the Dark elemental abilities would be awesome to have.

New characters: Giddeon. He’s pretty cool, and Ardith, which we meet at the beginning on this book. They’re both Rebels.

I’m afraid if I go any further with this review I might spoil everything. I kind of guessed 3…maybe 4 important things that actually did end up happening/were discovered in this book. I’m just so perceptive when it comes to YA PNR plots. Predictable not a bad thing, but I enjoyed this book no matter what. Can’t wait for the 3rd book. (I also can’t wait for Boundless, so that’s why I read this. It’s almost as good as Unearthly!!!!)

If you like YA Angel Paranormal Romances, read this series! It may not be as popular as Hush, Hush, Fallen, Unearthly or Embrace, or even Angelfire, but it’s not one you want to miss. It’s very unique in some ways.

It’s a great wintery read, and since it’s wintertime, I suggest reading this series on a snowy day, or with a picture of a wintery, mountainous landscape in front of you (like I did…some of the time).

Cover Art Review: Beautiful cover, but sadly the title’s not metallic and rainbowy. And they cut off her elbow or made it too dark. They were less careful when designing. This was a really dumb mistake. People do notice, so why did they not fix it?


~Haley G

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