Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013! Happy New Year 2014!

Above is the list of books I read in 2013. I do this every year. I stick a paper on my wall to record every book I read that year, and color code them with highlighters. I only read 122 books this year, about 10 books per month. This next year I hope to read at least 125, but life gets in the way and I'm not that fast of a reader. I remember a few years ago I read 150 books. On Shelfari I looked at my stats. Seems like I had a lot more free time in 2011.

2013 turned out to be a great year. The world didn't end, I got a job and made some money. I got rid of all the junk in my closet, organized my books better. I trained two parakeets. I went to some book signing, and even got to be on TeaTime with EpicReads for a few seconds, and they wished me a happy birthday. I turned 21 (and vow not to drink alcohol still). 
The not so great? Well, my bird that I had for 8 years died in March. I took statistics this fall and that was a challenge. My brother moved into a dorm at UIC, so I don't get to see him all the time. 
This year, my new years resolutions include this like getting ready to transfer to another college and apply for scholarships. Keep my job possibly through the summer and maybe get a 2nd job. I also need to work out and exercise because I feel so weak sometimes. Maybe do push-ups? I also of course want to read more book.
I'm setting my reading goal at 125 books and I'm including novellas over a certain number of pages. I will read at least one contemporary/realistic and one historical (fantasy) fiction. I want to read more of the books I own. Catch up and complete series. I want to read Insurgent and Allegiant by March. I want to request less library books and only read the books I want to read. I want to buy LESS books, and waste less money. 
Good luck with all your goals and resolutions. Have a happy 2014!

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