Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Radiant Sky by Jocelyn Davies

Series: A Beautiful Dark (bk. 3)

Genera(s): Paranormal Romance

Subjects: angels, good vs. evil, magic, abilities, supernatural, love, visions, destiny

Setting: River Springs, Colorado (present day, but River Springs is based off of Boulder, CO)

POV/Tense: 1st person, past tense, Skye’s POV

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 360 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: HarperTeen

Summary/ product description: “Since the night of her seventeenth birthday, Skye has been torn between two opposites: Light and Dark, the Order and the Rebellion, Devin and Asher.

But her decision shocked both sides—because she chose neither.

With the help of her friends, Skye forges her own path, setting out to gather an uprising of Rogues. The treacherous and elusive half-angels may be the key to maintaining the balance of fate and free will. But completing the mission her parents left unfinished is more difficult—and dangerous—than she could have imagined. And doing so comes at a cost: Her greatest love may now be a lethal enemy. Because it’s not just the Order that sees her as a threat who must be eliminated. The Rebellion does, too.

And both sides will do whatever it takes to win.

Dark days lie ahead, and if Skye is to survive, she’ll need to rely on her extraordinary powers and the strength of her will. Because she has a future—and a love—that’s worth fighting for.

The sweeping, darkly romantic story that began with A Beautiful Dark and gathered intensity in A Fractured Light comes to a thrilling conclusion in A Radiant Sky.

My Review: I love this series so much and I’m so sad that it’s over. It’s pretty much one of the best angel book series I’ve read. I compare this series to Unearthly by Cynthia Hand since they’re both set in such beautiful places and have hot guys. I love Colorado and visited it in 2003. It’s such a beautiful place and I love reading books with setting I’ve been to (although River Springs is not real and based off of Boulder). 

This series is very character driven. Skye’s narration is spot-on and she definitely is unique and realistic. She’s sometime funny and has a lot of heart. I love the part where she comes down stairs and grab a cucumber to de-puff her eyes. I thought that was hilarious. And how she and her friend get along. Cassie and Dan has such a great relationship. They’re so cute together and they tease each other. Cassie joined the prom committee and it was kind of hilarious how Dan and Ian both made fun of prom. Ian is also a great character. I really wanted him to be loved because her seemed left out a lot, but he definitely played a big role in this book.

 I also thought Devin was doing well for just having joined the Rebellion. He wasn’t into creating chaos, but he wanted freedom. I really wish that there was more Asher in this book. Toward the end we get more of him, but I really wanted more romance. Raven, who was an enemy in the previous books, becomes a great asset and friend to Skye. She sarcastic and sometimes mean, but ultimately want to help Skye with her new group that stand between the Order and Rebellion. I also like Aunt Joe and all the new Rogues we get to meet. There’s a character called Earth. She’s likes the sister Skye never has. I really loved her. She’s a smart kid.

In a Radiant Sky, there isn’t as much romance as the previous books, but there’s a lot more action and magic. I really love how Skye has come into her power. She has wings now and can fly. She has control over the elements and has vision of the future. She’s very powerful and she has great friends that support her. I love all the magic in this series. The flying scenes were some of the best parts. Sky changing the weather was also cool. Colorado has such moody weather. Is thunder really just angels bowling, or being angry? Sky can make that rain go away. Seems like an ability I’d want. 

This book has been an epic and thrilling conclusion to one of my favorite series. It was very emotional for me. I cried a few times, both tears of joy and sadness. This book gave me all the feels. (Not as much as Boundless by Cynthia Hand though.) This book was a true The End Is Near kind of read and Sky stop the end of the. She and her groupies, a ragtag teem of teens, angels and Rogue, must save the universe from destruction. The balance between chaos and control, fate and freewill is in her hands. The ending is a battle of epic proportions and a conclusion to remember.

I recommend this series to fans of angel books like: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly, Embrace by Jessica Shirvington, Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz, Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton, and other paranormal romance stories.

Cover Art Review: I love the cover, by the model’s pose seems a bit unnatural. I like the aurora colors and the silver dress.

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