Sunday, September 29, 2013

YA Fandom Frenzy Event

Today was the YA Fandom Frenzy event at the Hotel Arista in Naperville. We did author speed dating, then a lightning round of question for the authors. Then we had lunch, which was pizza. After that there was this funny storytelling thing where the next person continues the story. After that, we played a game. We got into groups, which included authors too. My group had Michael Grant and Alex London in it. They had us guessing books, authors and other stuff. Then we got to get our books signed and there was a candy bar.

Meeting Demitria Lunetta, author of In The After

Author of Perk of Being a Wallflower, during speed dating

The lightning round of questions

Photo op!

The tables

Alex London, author of Proxy.

I bought Inhuman, and got the ARC for free!

Some autographs are below: 



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