Saturday, September 21, 2013

In My Mailbox 9-21-2013

These are some recent books I got/bought. I rarely win ARCs, or get books in my mailbox.

1. The only ARC I got in the mail this week was The Darkest Path.

2. The Kill Order and After Daybreak I bought at Half Price Books

3. I found an autographed and personalized copy of Panic at Goodwill. I doubt I'll read it, but I don't know anyone named Hannah to give it to. I also got Pure (not shown) which also has a blue butterfly on it, and it's not really YA.

4. All Our Yesterdays, from Walmart for under $11. The Chaos of Stars I ordered from B&N.

5. Angelfall, which I read already, from Kmart. I saw it a bit cheaper at Meijer the next day. Antigoddess from Anderson's.

6. The feather shaped book mark, and autograph in Antigoddess.

7. Books from Meijers. Coldest was actually on sale for $11.

8. Library books!

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