Saturday, May 11, 2013

In My Mailbox 5/11/2013

 Not many of these actually can in my mailbox. Only Fift Grave and Life After Theft came from UPS. But here are some books I got recently, bought, won or checked out.
1. An ARC of Flicker & Burn I got for a prebub event at Anderson's. It's the sequel to Cold Fury. An ARC of Fifth Grave From the Right is a book I entered to win. I have not read any books in the series, but I the Darklight YA series by this author.
2. Code, the 3rd Virals books. The 5th Wave, which I was excited about. The Ward is another dystopian book.
3. Mystic, the 3rd Soul Seekers book, Life After Theft, which I got signed at the Dark Days event. Sweet Peril, sequel to Sweet Evil.
4. Reboot, which was also signed at Dark Days. If I Should Die by Amy Plum, the 3rd/final book to the Revenants series.
5. Books I ordered from the library. Alot of HarperTeen stuff. Dystopian books: Taken, Wasteland and Duled, paranormal: Invisibility and The Shadow Girl, mystery: Pretty Girl-13, and genetic engineering sci-fi: The Rules.

~Haley G

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