Monday, March 4, 2013

Ravage by Jeff Sampson

Series: Deviants (bk. 3)

Genera: Sci-fi/Paranormal

Subjects: werewolves, genetic engineering, parallel universes

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 392 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: HarperTeen: Balzer & Bray

Summary/ product description: “The war against BioZenith is on.
Since she first came into her mysterious new superpowers, Emily has watched one of her packmates disappear through an interdimensional portal; she’s been hunted by creepy, body-snatching Shadowmen; she’s managed to form an alliance with the same telekinetic cheerleaders who once tried to take her down; and she’s discovered that her believed-to-be-dead mother is one of the BioZenith scientists responsible for her strange abilities.
Now it’s up to the Deviants to put together the last pieces of the puzzle, which includes tracking down the final, mystery member of their kind and forcing their parents to reveal why they mutated their own children. Emily fears the answer is far more sinister than anyone ever thought: after all, why would a parent risk a child’s life unless the stakes were high…scary, world-ending high?
Tired of being at the mercy of adult conspiracies, Emily forms a plan with the other Deviants: Destroy BioZenith before anyone can use the knowledge within the facility to aid the Shadowmen. But that’s only if BioZenith—or something worse—doesn’t capture them first.”

My Rating: êêêêê

My Review: This series is amazing and has been kind of under the radar. Not many people know it’s out there. I was happy when I read Vesper. And now with this third and final book, I am sad to let it go, but happy that it ended well and epically. If you are a fan of series like Maximum Ride  by James Patterson or Darkest Power and Darkness Rising series by Kelly Armstrong. This series is sci-fi with a paranormal edge, or vice versa. And it even has a kick-butt girl main character that’s a bit of a pop culture geek

This book had laughs and fun dialogue. It also had some sad and freaky moments. And then some very mind blowing revelations that reminded me of Angel Burn, Fringe, The Host and Ancient Aliens. We already found out about the whole parallel world that the shadowmen come from in the last book, but what are they?

I love the characters of course. They’re funny and interesting. Emily is kind of like me. Spencer seems very lovable and cute, in a techie geek kind of way. Tracie is preppie and a type-A personality. And there’s the cheerleaders, Nikki and Delgado triplets. And a new character named Evan, who’s kind of funny.

The plot was interesting to say the least. It was engaging and exciting, thrilling and so on. It was so good that I don’t even know what I just read. It’s over and a loved it and now I want a spin-off series like Kelly Armstrong did for Darkest Power. A character whose a Deviant with different, psychic, abilities!!! I know, I keep on asking for spin-offs and novellas when reviewing conclusions…..

Cover Art Review: I love the silhouettes on the covers, and the title with the smoke behind it. I just wish it wasn’t just glossy. And this cover is mostly monochromatic. I liked the first book’s cover the best.


~Haley G

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