Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! 2012

So glad the world didn't end on the winter solstice. Since we survived the Apocalypse (which I knew was fake all along) we can now enjoy the holidays knowing we are alive. If the world did "end" I kind of was hoping that it would turn into a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel with lot of action (and romance) and that I could be the female heroine with lots of survival skills. We have gone tent camping a lot (but always had showers and bathrooms). Either that, or Snowmaggedon. The snow we got on Thursday the 20th was maybe a half inch. Nothing compared to Feb. 2011.
So anyway, alive and without any snow....
Merry Christmas, happy holidays!
Read some wintery books, and enjoy you presents. And drink some hot cocoa.
Angel card! (I made this last year)
~Haley G

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