Sunday, June 17, 2012

In My Mail Box 6-17

 1st image: These are the books I got in the mail. The ARCs. Blessed doesn't come out till September, and Soulbound comes out July 5th.
2nd image: These are the books I got from the library. The Hunt, which I'm reading right now. Angelfall is indie-published. A Girl named Digit it kind of comtempary, but with some sci-fi/thriller elements. Viscious Deep and Of Posiedon are mermaid books. Mirage is the sequel to Haven, I was also going to buy this. Blazing the Trail is a Dragon Diaries novel (bk. 3).
3rd image: Books I bought recently. The Golden Lily (still have not read Bloodlines.) 3 mermaid books, Pegasus ( love horses still), and 3 angel books. Angelstar I found at Savers. It's used. I can't buy stuff online, so I was happy to find this. Angel Eyes I ordered at Barnes and Noble. I got a signed copy of Rapture at Target.
4th image: More books I bought. All dystopian. Struck looks awesome. The Lost Code, whic I really want to read. Surrender, sequel to Possession. For Darkness Shows the Stars, by the author of the Killer Unicorns books.
I am still waiting for my HarperTeen prize pack, with the books: Dreamless, Arise, Hemlock, A Want So Wicked, (and either Something Strange and Deadly or Tigerlily.)
~Haley G

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