Friday, June 22, 2012

Cover Reveals & Reviews 6-22

What a great week it has been for HaperCollins YA Cover Reveals!
1. Boundless: I did get to see the cover art ahead of time. I alread knew it would be pink. And I found out the title, and it does look amazing when it's put all together. When printed, it will be shiny and awesome!
2. Everbound: I love that dress blowing into smoke! I just home the sequel better than the first book, the covers are amazing.
3. Unravel Me: So very different from the 1st book. Makes me think of the author's never published story about the girl with the magic eyelashed. Those are some truly magical looking eyelashes.
4. Shadows in the Silence: Originally called Hymn to the Fallen, the new title is great too. The cover looks fine, but I'm sure they'll tweek it some more.
5. Mind Games: This cover doesn't really make me think of a book about psychics. It looks almost like some fashion model/make up ad. Is this really the official cover? I hope they change it. Kiersten deserves something that will truly show her book's subject!
6. The Rising: Very much like the 1st 2 books, It's nice a simple. It works.
~Haley G

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