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Unraveled by Gennifer Albin

Series: Crewel World (bk. 3)

Genera: Sci-fi Dystopian

Subjects: Utopias, fate, abilities, resistance to government, love, alternate history

Setting: Arras

POV/Tense: 1st person POV, present tense: Adelice Lewys

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 286 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: Macmillian: FSG

Summary/ product description: “Autonomous. Independent. Dangerous. They tried to control her. Now she’ll destroy them.

Things have changed behind the walls of the Coventry and new threats lurk in its twisted corridors. When Adelice returns to Arras, she quickly learns that something rotten has taken hold of the world and Cormac Patton needs her to help him reestablish order. However, peace comes at a terrible price. As the Guild manipulates the citizens of Arras, Adelice discovers that she’s not alone, and she must let go of her past to fight for mankind’s future. She will have to choose between an unimaginable alliance and a deadly war that could destroy everyone she loves.”

My Review:  I really enjoyed this series. It’s unlike any other dystopian book I’ve read. It’s alternate history, which you’d know if you read Altered or the Cypress Project prequel. On Earth it’s only 16 years after WWII, but in Arras, where time move 12 times as fast, it’s about 200. In Altered Adelice meet her biological father, Dante, who’s only aged 16 months since she was born (because 1 month of Earth = 1 year on Arras). He is part of the Agenda, the rebellion to stop Patton and the Cypress Project.

Adelice goes back to Arras. Patton wants to marry her and parade her around as the face of Arras. She’s not only a Crewel who can weave, but a Tailor who can alter. Some say she’s the Whorl. Altering is an ability that usually only men can posses, but she can do it. She’s not as good as Dante or Erik at it though. She wants to alter Patton while in his possession. She sacrificed herself to help the Agenda and save Arras.
She gets to see her sister Amie, who has aged two years in the time Adelice was gone. No longer is she 13, but 15. Practically a woman. Amie wants to be a Spinster like her sister, but lack the ability to see the weave in the looms. Adelice rather she be a dress designer like she originally wanted to be before Patton altered her memories.

Jost plans to rescue his daughter Sebrina from the Eastern sector. Adelice, Erik and Dante get a chance to help him with that, but they discover a deadly virus affecting the citizens there. Adelice in in love with Erik. She and Jost broke up in Altered when she told him she couldn’t be a mother to Sebrina if it came down to it. I really liked Jost better in the first book. I was team Jost all the way, but Erik isn’t too bad. It’s just that my brother’s name is Erik too.

I did love this series. It’s been so long since I read Crewel as an ARC and only just read Altered and Unraveled back-to-back. I’m kind of disappointed in the open-ended ending. If you finished this series too and want to check out how I think the book should of ended, scroll down below my cover review.

Cover Art Review: Lovely emerald green color. Love the hourglass. I love these new covers so much.

How Unraveled should have ended (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT READ THE BOOK)

Although the author only left hint of the possibility, my theory in that Erik altered himself and Jost, switching each other’s appearance. Erik tried healing himself while disguised as Jost. Adelice is convinced she sees Erik’s eye in Jost. Gennifer Albin is very Crewel to not give us a concrete answer, so I’ll write the ending for her. :)

“I know you’re not Jost,” I say. He freezes and his eyes meet my gaze. With that look I know now more than ever whom those eye belong to. “Erik,” I say.
“Yes,” he replies.
“You altered your appearance. Why?”
“Because Jost wanted me to. He wanted to sacrifice himself for us.”
“Can you change you face back?”
“I can’t,” he says.
“Can’t? Or won’t?” I ask.
“I won’t. I need to let Sebrina know she still has a father.”
“Okay then. Keep it. I still miss you face, but if’s it’s for Sebrina or Jost, I suppose I can make that sacrifice. So, for Jost?”
“For Jost.”
“For us,” I say.
“For us,” he replies. And his lips meet mine.

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