Saturday, March 22, 2014

Divergent Movie

I saw the Divergent movie today. I was impressed. I was much better than I expected. There were a few part that I think we different from the book. Instead of having visiting day, Tris went to see he brother at the Erudite Headquarter in the University of Chicago library. She also saw her mom while moving food shipments from Amity at the Dauntless compound. Also, Tris get the bird tattoo before her fear simulation rather than after.

I really love how Chicago was portrayed. I really want to by the movie now so I can make my dad watch it just to show him the images of the city he grew up as a dystopian. The zip lining part was so awesome and you get to see the building. 

I really loved the movie despite the bad review that that it got from the critics. Shailene and Theo James work well together. Theo James did seem to have a southern accent instead of a Chicago accent. 

I love how movie from the soundtrack was actually in the movie, unlike the Hunger Games soundtracks. They actually had the Ellie Goulding songs in it. I love that the played Hanging On before the choosing ceremony. Music helps set a mood. 

Go see Divergent as so as possible. Don't believe Michael Phillips. He's from Chicagoland, but definitely not a fan like me or you and all the teens and YA readers out there.

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