Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never by K.D. McEntire

Series: Lightbringer (bk. 3)
Genera: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Subjects: reapers, ghosts, supernatural, California, San Francisco
Age/Grade Level: Teen
Length: 310 pgs.
HC/PB: Hardcover
List Price: $17.99
Publisher: Prometheus: PYR
Summary/ product description: “The Lightbringer trilogy's dramatic conclusion!
The Never is on the brink of destruction by the Lady Walker. Wendy, shorn of her Light by the Reapers, must be the one to save it from the beasts between the worlds. Now no more powerful than an average spirit, Wendy reluctantly strikes a balance between Elise, the new Reaper matriarch, and Jane, a Reaper gone rogue. Torn between her duty to her friends, the Riders, and her duty as the Lightbringer, Wendy must rush to learn the secrets left behind.
She must make the ultimate sacrifice to bring the worlds into balance once more... even if it costs her very soul.”

My Review: I was a bit disappointed with how this series ended. I ended up skimming parts of this book, mainly due to the typography. The text was pretty small. But also the book’s written in 3rd person, and we don’t really get much inner dialog. I think it’s 3rd person limited, but it’s not really clear. I’m not sure what to say about this book now that it’s over, but I don’t want to put it down completely. I gave it three stars for a reason. There a few things I really enjoyed.
The things that I did enjoy about this book were the humorous dialogue and the mythology behind reapers. I love how the characters talk to each other. I also loved how we found out about Piotr’s past. There’s a mention of Valkyries! I love Norse mythology. I love stories with reapers and ghosts too, but mythology is even better.
Wendy is also really tough and I liked how her brother and sister got to take part in the story because Wendy didn’t have her body, which was in a coma. There were a few interesting thing I realized about this series. The main character’s name is Wendy, and the love interest is Piotr, which is Peter. And the Never is where the ghost are. I drew a very interesting conclusion (mostly because of watching season 3 of Once Upon a Time). This is kind of a retelling of Peter Pan in a way. Wendy Darling was in Peter Pan. The Never could be like Neverland. The author must have name her character because of her love of the Peter Pan story.
I also liked the setting. San Francisco sounds like a cool city. I read many books and watch many shows set there. I like how part of the story was at the Winchester Mystery House. I remember the episode of Ghost Adventures when they had a lock down there. It’s a really cool and strange building with a crazy maze of rooms.
I recommend this book to fans of Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton, the Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent, the Die For Me series by Amy Plum and Vampire Academy.
Cover Art Review: I love the cover illustration, but I don’t like where the title is. It’s hard to read and not very visible. Too close to the author’s name and not large enough. 

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