Saturday, April 27, 2013

In My Mailbox 4-27-2013

 There's been a lot of awesome books out recently. Most of these did not come in my mailbox.
1. ARCs! Icons, which I'm currently reading. Natural Born Angel, sequel to Immortal City, which I haven't read yet still.
2. Rise, which I bought at B&N and the Elite I got at Super Walmart.
3. Infactuate, sequel to Illuminate, which I still haven't read.
4. Arclight I got from B&N. I LOVE THE RAINBOWY COVER!!! Unbreakable, sequel to Unvraveling, I ordered of B&
5. Chosen at Nightfall and the Eternity Cure. I'm gonna have to do a series catch-up on both of these.
6. Library books! Stug. I love the  cover too! Sacrifices, the 3rd Shadow Grail book and the Stone Demon the 3rd Iron Witch book.
~Haley G

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