Friday, February 15, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Movie

So, I just came home from seeing the movie. And let me tell you, I am not happy about the changes they made. The characters that they dropped. The ending that was definitely different from what I remember in the book.

If you haven't read the book or seen the movie yet, I do not suggest reading any further in this post. I'll be ranting.

The Good:
I loved the humor. So much funny dialogue.
Ethan's inner dialogue at the beginning, talking about Gatlin. Very similar to the book.
Link. I love how he's very much what I pictured.
Lena's charm necklace, her writing the count down on her arm.
Ridley has red lollipops, like in the book.
The setting and scenery. I loved all the sets. Loved the spinning table scene. Loved the Gatlin signs.
I learned how to pronounce Duchannes: (It's Duke-kane, not Dutch-chain) I knew it did rhyme with rain (but no Ethan inner dialogue on that.)

The Bad:
What happened to the whole "16 moons" theme? The song, poem..
Cheesy special effects in some parts. Very unrealistic.
Link is not singing, or playing bad music with the Holy Rollers.
Mrs. English doesn't have a bad-side eye. There's a history teach with an eye patch, though.
The guy who plays Ethan seems to old. He has forehead creases. Maybe he's not that old, but I pictured Ethan more teenagerish, with longer, lighter brown hair.
Lena's hair is not black enough. Her eyes should be green. And Lena's birthday is February 11th, not December 21. That's John Breed's birthday.
Ridley doesn't have her blond and pink hair. And she doesn't call Link "Skrink-a-dink" like in the book. I loved her nicknames! Why didn't she say them!!!???
Amma isn't spelling out words, doing cross-words. Or doing her voo-doo stuff. Instead she's the librarian and the Keeper. THEY DROPPED MARIAN!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Also, her act cent's not southern enough.
Uncle Abner likes Lemon Meringue, NOT COCONUT!
We never saw Ethan's dad.
They left out the caster dog, Boo Radley.
Emily's hair is too dark. She should be blonder.
Where the heck is Savannah Snow?
The Caster Ball scene felt way to short. I didn't get to see all the costumes.
Why does Grandma have pink hair? And why is she touching people faces? Isn't she an Empath who can borrow abilities?
The Lunae Libri should only be open on bank holidays.

The Ugly:
They dropped Marian, the librarian and Keeper in the book. Replaced her with Amma.
They dropped Reese and Ryan, Ridley's sisters. Unless they'll be in the second movie. And Hunting, Macon's brother wasn't there.
Link wearing a Union Soilder uniform. Link's mom would kill him for that.
The plot was kind of thrown of. Important scenes were missing. The dropped the Snow Ball/Christmas Dance.The ending was very different. So entirely drastically different that I feel like there will be no second movie. Macon still died, I think, unless that was Larkin that shape-shifted into Macon, because he turned from Ethan into Macon after being shot. There was no Holy Rollers concert, with Ridley singing. Larkin wasn't discovered as being dark. Lena made Ethan forget her, after she made it snow, and then didn't remember her for 6 months. That made no sense.
I don't know if the next 3 books can happen with how much the screwed the plot up. I love this book series and I hate what they changed and left out.
How is it that the producer talked to the authors and then wrote something so far off from their story line?

I agree with Amy from MTV's Hollywood Crush blog:

~Haley G

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