Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shadows by Ilsa Bick

Series: The Ashes Trilogy (bk. 2)

Genera: Sci-fi dystopian/horror

Subjects: post-apocalyptic, zombies, survival, Michigan, U.P.,  Wisconsin, forests

Age/Grade Level: Teen

Length: 518 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

List Price: $17.99

Publisher: Egmont

Summary/ product description: “The Apocalypse does not end. The Changed will grow in numbers. The Spared may not survive.
Even before the EMPs brought down the world, Alex was on the run from the demons of her past and the monster living in her head. After the world was gone, she believed Rule could be a sanctuary for her and those she’d come to love.
But she was wrong.
Now Alex is in the fight of her life against the adults, who would use her, the survivors, who don’t trust her, and the Changed, who would eat her alive.
Welcome to Shadows, the second book in the haunting apocalyptic Ashes Trilogy: where no one is safe and humans may be the worst of the monsters.”

My Rating: êê1/2

My Review: I’m very disappointed about this sequel. I was so confused for most of the book. I didn’t know who was who, except for Alex and Tom. There were way way WAY too many character. Too many switches in perspective for a 3rd person limited book. Ashes was amazing, and this book had to many problems. If this one was all Alex’s 3rd person limited perspective, and the author actually recapped who was who, then I would have enjoyed it. I just suffered through over 500 pages or “what the heck is going on?” I had high expectation and it completely fell flat. The only good stuff were the descriptions and dialogue. The author is good at showing, but we honestly could have used more telling. Especially with characters. I’ve seen reviews by other who said the same thing. I agree completely. I’d say my favorite thing about this series is the setting. I actually went camping in this area over the summer. Rule and the forest used in here are made up, but other stuff was true. I really enjoyed the Iron Range area in the U.P. of Michigan, and also Northern Wisconsin (I have relatives near Park Falls). We camped at Porcupine Mountains State Park in Michigan, and also in Pattison State Park in Wisconsin. I told my family about Ashes and told my brother to watch out for cannibal zombies (and bears) when they went hiking. Book one was so great, and sequel fails happen pretty often, so I’m not completely surprised. The plot wasn’t bad. It’s just that I read Ashes last year after it came out, so I can’t remember who’s new, who’s old, or who’s anyone. Good luck, and review Ashes before reading Shadows.

Cover Art Review: Better than the first book’s cover. I love the effects on the title. I would love to try this in photoshop. Well done. Awesome colors. And I love the texture.


~Haley G

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