Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In My Mailbox 9-25

Once again, I'm a bit overloaded with a huge TBR pile. Let me show you some photos of books I got recently.
Photo descriptions:
1. An ARC I got in the mail. Crewel by Gennifer Albin, which comes out in the middle of October. I'm reading it now.
2. I got all these book from the library. They're due in 3 or four week, depending on when I got them. There's 12 books.
3. The 1st books in a series that I still haven't read yet, but still have to read before I read some of the the sequel I got at the library. (EDIT: I bought Flesh and Bone at Walmart, so I'll be saving that for when I have time!)
4. My TBR pile for the next month or 2. Hopefully will be done with all of these by Halloween, but doubt it. I might return some, or by some.
5. Books I bought in the last month and a half. Most at HarperTeen books. The Demon Catches book is an ARC I found a Goodwill. It's a new book, and I found an ARC for a dollar.
6. Swag I got in the mail from Gretchen McNeil, Kat Zhang and Jessica Khoury.
~Haley G

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