Friday, August 10, 2012

In My Mail Box 8-10

Here are some images of what I got recently.
1. Months ago I won a prize from Epic Reads. I complained, they said they had forgot. They sent me a grabbage of book I already had. I freaked out, posted this picture on facebook. Turns out that they had a prize mix up. I actually won Love Is Epic at the end of April. They let me keep the books. (The paperbacks on the right side: THE BOOKS THE SENT ME). I kept Unidentified, exchange Darkness Before Dawn and The Temptation at B&N for store credit so I could buy Arise. I gave my friend Kaitlyn the books: Something Deadly This Ways Comes, Desires of the Dead, and Nightspell as birthday present.
2. These are the Love Is Epic contest books I got in the mail this week. So happy to have Dreamless!!!

3. Some other books I won recently. I got Fins Are Forever from the Fin Week giveaways at Drain You from their giveaways. Gravediggers ARC which I'm not sure if I'm gonna read because it's middlegrade.

 4. I bought these books recently. Yay! Endlessly, Nevermore, Wake, Arise and Hemlock!!!!! I found Exile at Half Price Books. I don't think it's coming out in the US till next year atleast!

5. I got these books at the library. I love the cover for Girl of Nightmares.
~Haley G

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