Thursday, July 26, 2012

The White Glove War by Katie Crouch

Publisher: Poppy (Hachette)

Series: Magnolia League (bk. 2)

Genera: Paranormal Romance

Subjects: Hoodoo, Georgia, debutants, ghosts, spirits

Length: 294 pgs.

HC/PB: Hardcover

Summary/ product description: “Every society has its secrets.
The members of Savannah's Magnolia League have it all: money, beauty, power, and love. Some may call them lucky, but we know better. Spells, potions, and conjures are a girl's best friends, and thanks to the Buzzards -- a legendary hoodoo family -- the Magnolias never run out of friends.
Golden girl Hayes Anderson would never dream of leaving the League or Savannah, where there's no problem that can't be fixed with a cup of Swamp Brew tea -- served in a bone china cup, of course -- and no boy who can't be won over with a Conjure Up a New Love spell.
But when danger lurks and family secrets are unearthed, Hayes discovers that her life may not be charmed after all.
Don't miss the second novel in Katie Crouch's enchanting and mysterious Magnolia League series.”

My Rating: êêêê

My Review: Here was my short little review for the 1st book: “The book was pretty funny. Alex is a great character. I was hoping for more magic, but it was a pretty light, nice read. Love the way they portray the setting. I've never been to the south (except Kentucky), so the atmosphere was pretty awesome. And Madison's so funny. Her and Dex? lol.”

For this sequel, I’d say I still think the narration is pretty funny. It switched between Hayes and Alex’s perspectives. I love the characters. The southern atmosphere. The hoodoo and voodoo (rather than witchcraft). This series is very unique and different from other paranormal romance series I have read. It’s very fun, and sometimes has a dark edge. There’s a lot of weird vocabulary and phrases that relate to hoodoo or southern sayings. And the ridiculous rituals. I don’t think I’d go along with them.

This book had some power-related themes in it that could probably be open to discussion. The plot was well done. Alex did what she could to be a good MG so she could eventually free her mom’s spirit. And then the Gray Man that was rooted on her. You’ll find out if you read it…

Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Stay tuned for the 3rd book, which I assume is titled The Final Ball, coming in spring or summer 2013.

Cover Art Review: Just a beautiful as the 1st one. I love the necklace! I really like the color, and the cover typography. The girl’s dress looks ridiculous, and you can tell she’s not naturally blonde. She does look like Hayes.

~Haley G

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