Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I AM BACK…With news!!!!!!!

After the month long break I’ve taken from book blogging/reviewing, I am trying once again to get back into the habit of blogging. School and job searching have been stressful, and I usually turn to a good book to relax…but it’s been had to find time to actually read. Now with spring break coming up I can finally get some things done (Like that 10 page Art History term paper I’m supposed finish by April 24. Yeah. College…uh).
Well, I’m gonna amp up my blog anyways. I’ve been learning some great design techniques in school and I’d like to have more blogs about cover design added in. If I can’t get reading done, at least I can blog about something!
In other news….that website Inkpop is now part of a website called figment, so now all my stories were moved, but I’ve been getting a lot more reviews. I just miss the top 5 thing. I still make book covers for people!
Here’s the site:

Here’s my profile:

Also, I won the Hyperion Teen’s Unrequired Reading Cover Design Contest!!!!! The 1st one they ever had, for Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon.
My cover:

I win 6 books! Yay! I hope I get the ones I asked for.
The next contest they’re having is for the cover of Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins.
Go here and check it out: http://un-requiredreading.com/

Another awesome thing is the books I’ve gotten recently…and the Hunger Games sound track...

The Selection and Unraveling! Can’t wait to read them! (I will review them too) They come out in stores April 24th.
And one more amazing thing: THE RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION IS GOING TO BE AT ROSEMONT!!!! Rosemont Convention center….it’s near Chicago…but less than 30 miles from where I live. AND I AM GOING!!! Saturday, April 14th is Teen Day! It’s only $25, and you can bring an adult chaperone for free. You have to be 13-19. I’m 19, so this is the only year I can get this deal! I didn’t know about this last year! I’m so excited!!!! Check it out here:

There’s gonna be like 66 YA authors there! I have no idea how I’m gonna carry around all the book I want signed. I’m gonna have to buy stickers for them to sign instead…book plates! That way I can lug around just the one I absolutely want autographed and stick the autographs into the books when I get home. They sadley won’t be able to personalize them or add little notes. Oh well. I’m excited anyways!

~Haley G

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